5 Ways to Compose Emotional Music (Beauty & Expression)

For most people, grief is not an active goal. However, many musicians and other artists know the usefulness of confronting what are commonly considered negative emotions. Grief doesn’t necessarily have to be harmful to the person experiencing it. In fact, playing sad piano pieces can be very cathartic and strangely fun.

Advantages of sad music

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with loving happy songs. However, there’s something wonderful about hearing a melancholic melody that touches your heart in a way that your average upbeat song doesn’t. Sad music on the piano evokes valuable experiences.

Expressing Emotions –

Everyone feels frustrated or upset at times, and playing sad songs gives you an opportunity to express them in a healthy way.

Nostalgia –

Sad music brings to the surface memories that you haven’t thought about for a long time.
Grief processing – If you have difficulty adjusting to the emotions associated with the loss of a loved one, sad piano songs can help you cope with these emotions and ease the process.

Empathy –

Hearing the stories of other people’s struggles set to beautiful music helps you understand what they and others with similar experiences are feeling. Playing sad music on the piano can also relieve negative emotions.

Some studies suggest that sad music releases the hormone prolactin, a calming chemical that the body uses to counteract emotional distress. Learning to play your favorite sad songs can be especially therapeutic.

About my serice

Compose harmonious piano music with a perfect combination of melody, harmony and rhythm that allows for emotional changes.

This song can be used in movies, podcasts, advertisements, or music streaming platforms.

If you have any feelings you would like to express through music, please let us know. Send us a link to a song you like or a song you’d like us to compose in a similar style.

Note: Prices may increase depending on the complexity of the genre. B. When composing structural pieces with repeating melodies and harmonies. The songs are unique and copyright free and belong exclusively to the purchaser after the order is completed. You can create multiple songs to suit your time.

We can provide MIDI of your songs at no additional charge. Please contact us before ordering.

If you need more than 10 minutes of music, please contact us before placing your order so we can create a custom quote with a discount.

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