Best Music Websites for Kids

Music websites for kids can be a great educational addition to your homeschool or classroom. Through interactive games, demonstrations, musical activities and lessons, children can learn the joy of making music.


Fun music website for kids

When it comes to music websites, the group is diverse. There are music websites for kids that specialize in all genres of music, from classical to country to zydeco. Whether you want to introduce your child to the appreciation of Mozart or Beethoven, or learn the intricacies of modern jazz, you’ll find a website dedicated to that topic. There are also websites that teach children to read music, sing, and play musical instruments. 00:08

smithsonian jazz

Smithsonian Jazz, an educational site by America’s Jazz Heritage and Smithsonian Institution, is a great site for children interested in jazz music. This website offers interesting lessons in audio and text format about jazz greats such as Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, and Louis Armstrong. There are also interactive jazz games and audio clips of jazz songs. Additionally, this site offers:

Worksheets and lesson plans for teachers
Information about concerts, exhibitions and other jazz events
Recommended books
interactive course
new york philharmonic kidzone
Presented by the New York Philharmonic, Kidzone has five of his “rooms” for children to explore. The game room features over 10 of his games, covering everything from composers to instruments. You can also visit the instrument storage room to learn more about the different instruments, and visit the cloakroom to learn more about the members of the Philharmonic Orchestra.

SFS Kids

Explore his six different aspects of music education with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. Choose to discover, listen, perform, perform, conduct, or compose. Each category has interactive games that help children gain a deeper understanding of that aspect of music. These activities provide numerous opportunities for children to hear, feel, and learn about music using their mouse and keyboard. Fun cartoon graphics bring your website and music to life.

dahlia world music for kids

Anyone looking for activities about rare musical instruments or instruments found in other countries will love the website of Folk His Singer Daria. In the “Instruments” tab, kids can click on his eight unique instruments, such as the cajon and didgeridoo. Click on each instrument to hear the sound of that instrument, the complete song for that instrument, find the instrument’s coloring page, and find instructions for creating your own instrument. Also check out her YouTube channel. Features animated her videos of popular nursery rhymes and interactive lessons of her ASL characters. make music
If your child is an aspiring composer, try, an award-winning children’s music website. Here children can play games to train their hearing. Interactive and easy-to-use tools and assistants allow children to compose their own music and hear it played on a variety of instruments. The site is free, but products such as educational CDs are advertised on the site.

Chrome Music Lab

Choose from 13 music exploration activities on the free Chrome Music Lab website. Children can also create and save their own instrumental songs, or draw pictures and use each line as a musical note to create a song. This website provides children with the opportunity to see and hear musical concepts through their own manipulation of sound.

PBS learning media

Although not specifically aimed at children, the Teachers section of the PBS website offers many music resources that teachers and parents can use to enhance their music lessons. Information is divided by grade level. For example, preschoolers can build musical instruments with Barney the Dinosaur, and older students can learn about Irish history through music. High school students thoroughly research composers and musicians, analyze music, and write operas based on Shakespeare’s plays. Other music acts on the PBS website include:

Make music using everyday things
forming a percussion band
Lesson plans covering the mathematical aspects of music
rhythm game
create lyrics

Ruth Gipps

Great Escape festival in BrightEast Sussex’s musical heritage is a testament to the county’s creativity and innovation. With a rich history and a vibrant contemporary scene, East Sussex continues to be a hotbed for musical talent.

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