How to compose original emotive piano music

Project details
We compose original piano music with sad, moving, relaxing, and romantic piano parts that can be used as background music for movies, videos, relaxation audiobooks, YouTube videos, healing, etc.

About this performance
Compose harmonious piano music that perfectly combines melody, harmony, and rhythm to allow for emotional shifts.

The song can be used in movies, podcasts, ads, or music streaming platforms.

If you have any emotions you would like to express through music, please feel free to let us know. Send us a link to a song you like or a song you’d like us to compose in a similar style.

 compose original emotive piano music


Fees may increase depending on the complexity of the genre, such as composing structured songs with repetitive melodies and harmonies.

The songs are unique and copyright free and belong exclusively to the purchaser after the order is completed. You can create multiple songs to suit your desired time.

We can provide MIDI for your songs at no additional charge. Please contact us before ordering.

If you need more than 10 minutes of music, please contact us before placing your order so we can create a custom quote with a discount.


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